“I’ve been training with Amir regularly for the past 7 months. Amir is not your average personal trainer, he has a hell of a lot to talk about and it’s all interesting and related!  He is very down to earth, is great fun to be with and it’s not long before his gift for teaching becomes clear… He teaches not just the physical aspects of Tai Chi or personal training, but  all the philosophical and spiritual underpinning one could ever hope for, far more then I ever knew existed. In short, I would highly recommend the experience to anyone with a busy, stressful life (like me) looking to reboot.

A very out of the ordinary and incredibly positive experience.” 

Tim - Business Developer

“Last year I had hit a wall with my career as a professional pianist. I had been battling with postural problems which had gotten worse since my early teens. Over the years, several ‘western’ approaches had helped, Physio, Pilates, Alexander Technique and general strength training and gym stuff. My trouble was that after initial progress, I didn’t feel, ‘hooked’ to the practice away from therapy sessions. After many years of moaning to my Mother about said problems, she had decided to get me a set of personal training with a new guy in the area as a birthday present. I had been a bit skeptical of ‘non-western’ techniques, but was willing to try and Amir seemed like a nice guy. After a few sessions of Tai Chi and supporting strength exercises, as well as more conceptual work to do with meditation and eastern philosophical concepts, I found myself having somewhat of a rebirth in my body. Four months later, having completed two courses of personal training with Amir and a season of Tai Chi group classes, I feel certain to have found a way to heal myself, through these teachings, feeling healthier and more inspired than ever to keep coming back to the exercises. My back is not 100% yet, but I am noticing the progress by the day, and becoming aware of where and how tension and muscles play up through other daily tasks, and how to fix these.

I can not recommend Amir Greenstein highly enough, a very generous, understanding teacher and a wealth of information about both East and West healing and anatomical/ergonomic/corporeal theories and workings. He has an enlightening way of explaining and enthusing ones own progress through discussion about a bridge between the two, and his own inspired connections based on thorough traditional foundations. I’ve made more progress with Amir than any other health practitioner I’ve ever seen, and feel more inspired to learn more and practice than ever before… I’ve been and will be recommending you to all and I do hope some will go ahead and find you… For I did and I feel very lucky that I have!”

George Fogel - Musician & Pianist

Amir has the amazing ability of adapting his training and teaching to suit your ability, mood and outlook. I started with Amir’s Personal Training Program and after achieving my personal goals – it felt natural to move on to his Tai Chi & Holistic Exercise classes as I felt this progression was the next step and it has been so enlightening. Learning to move my body in this way, not only mimics the way I need to approach life but I feel more alive and well then ever before. Feeling the Healing is a wonderful place to heal, grow and find the balance we all so desperately seek.

Joy Isaacs - Entrepreneur