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May 20, 2015


Solutions to back and posture problems:


In this article I’ll discuss some of the reasons which cause posture and back problems. I will attempted to introduce a new concept in body mechanics, alongside a whole different way of using the body. I will try and show that we (most of humanity) miss a conceptual connection, to our physical body and the nature of the body’s functionality at its highest potential. It is very likely that you were shown that connection in person.


I will also touch briefly on the fact that we weren’t told about the simple, yet profound attribute of using intent as part of our physical exercises. We need to consciously be using intent as part of our exercise, in order to fix old problems and seed better body strength and connection. We need all that to truly fix our back problems, whether they are just beginning or have been on-going for some time. Our posture, or should I say it more correctly, our poor posture, is caused by a lack of knowledge and good teachings. When I say teachings, I mean physical exercise, but probably not what you know physical exercise to be. It isn’t what you were shown by your NHS physiotherapist.  It is physical exercise driven by intent, which is a mind-based physical focus. For the physical exercise I will present in this article, are conceptually different from most existing modalities of movement and general exercise known today.


Instead of naming muscles and bones, I will talk about connective tissue and the watery nature of the plasma inside it. If you’ve never heard of connective-tissue, I recommend reading Anatomy Trains – by Thomas Myers. You don’t need to know everything about it, but you do need to know the basics of it. During the creation period, in the womb, cells were constantly developing and splitting into new ones. During those countless cell splits and growth of the body mass, the connective tissues are created. They are created as an integrated part of cell splitting. In other words, as cells split apart from one another, they stay connected through the connective-tissue. Thus we can clearly say that connective tissue is part of the essence of the body. The main purpose of the connective tissue is; to maintain the body’s connectivity in motion. It is also strongly related to holding the correct posture when standing, seating or laying down.  I recommend looking at the myofascial meridians (or connective tissues), as one organism that runs through the whole body from head to taw. Activating the Myofascial-meridians and using them correctly, is done best under a certain body mind connection. That connection is called ‘intent’ and it is always found between 2 opposing forces, it literally is the activation of torque between the 2 forces. That connection needs to be shown and taught from teacher to student. It is very unlikely to come across it coincidentally. The training of correct fascia movement is called Internal-Power and you can read about it on my website at:


Myofascial meridians are indeed part of who you are physically, but also of who you are energetically. The watery nature of the plasma inside the fascia, is filed with energetic content of who you are and how you perceive reality to be, inside you.  Therefore, it is charged with your intention and emotional choices. i.e. it is charged with your choice to react and loose balance, or a choice to stay soft and maintain balance. When I teach, I show my clients how to change that reality inside them. Unlike the energetic reality outside your physical body, your body is an isolated environment. Because it is isolated, it is under your direct influence. The main influence is a consciousness based influence, in particularly, the emotional state your consciousness is in.


The influence is caused by the use of intent as the driving and connecting force within the physical body. Many people know of the different parts and organs of their body. They know more or less their position, name and function. Or at least, how to look their name up in google.  They assume that the story of getting to know their body, finishes there. However, it doesn’t!  There’s an overall feeling of connectivity that needs to make itself known to you, before the true potential of who you are (body mind connection) can begin reviling itself to you. I’m telling you that there is a special untold connectivity that literally defines body mind connection and you were never told of it.


You started life having it, but soon after in your early teens, you probably lost most of it. Or at least a large degree of it. So what is it? And how does it change my posture and back issues?

It is a physical reality based on connectivity (connective tissues) driven by the growing discovery of remarkable connection between the body and mind, i.e. an intent-based support system, to enhance physical performance. Now, let me ask you this question; when was the last time you discover something significantly new within you, which wasn’t an illness or ‘getting older’?

Please try and be honest with yourself… It is the sameness (the consistency of how you perceive yourself) combined with a poor understanding of the true potential of being mindful and consciously-physical, which hold you back from discovering and evolving. In our culture, we don’t fully understand body mind connection for what they truly are. The main reason is because we are too busy surviving and project that gross finite survival environment, onto to everything we know. In other words, the habits of competitiveness between one another and gross dramatic changes in life, tend to completely takeover who we are. We constantly lose sight of progressing and growing our natural connectivity. So, please allow me to make a very clear statement:

Consciousness is biological and your biology (your body) is conscious and aware!!!

Your body feels whatever you feel and there’s nothing you can do to change or ignore that. When you do, you’re given permission for imbalance to take over and cause the knock –on effect, which leads to illness.

If you’re at war with yourself or other people, you are stuck and your physical body will reflect that energy you’re in. As a result, you will create theories that will justify being unable to change the situation you’re in.  Alongside an invested emotional reason to convince others and yourself that this is the only way forward. Or, other ways are impossible and thus they are fake and untrue.  Learning how to stop clashing with yourself and other people is so important for your physical wellbeing and inner peace. To truly understand what the potential of body mind connection is, we need to go back to an ancient time where human beings are more internally-oriented. A time when humans barely new of other cultures around them.


During that time humans had a greater intuitive connection to themselves. In other words, humans had les intellectual properties in their minds and less responsibilities in their lives. Thus, their minds where more tuned to the natural cycles of life, within their bodies and around them. With time, these cycles revealed great wisdom, which was collected and shared amongst the people and generations of these cultures.



Time didn’t reflect change and upgrade, like it does today, instead it revealed the timeless connection of humans to source energy i.e. humans had an identity that belongs to earth and the time they were in. They also felt a sense of purpose in their existence.  That energy was given different names in different cultures. Although, it is the same source energy and it is tangible and palatable for humans to experience today. That experience also led to new understandings and the evolution of common-sense, in those cultures. Their logic had evolved technically and conceptually, as source energy became more palatable and available for them to experience. They became wiser as a result.


Let’s call that energy – Chi-energy and let’s assume that it’s attainable under the right type of teachings.  Learning how to activate the body correctly with chi-energy in mind, would ideally be done with the willingness to truly change and evolve as a person. For without that in mind, there will be no true solution to the problem. True solution is evolution!

But it is waiting for you to find it out about yourself. That’s why, people are sometime unable to heal and continue with their lives. Although, they do wish to get better. They simply refuse to evolve and change their patterns in life.


If you have a back or posture problem, caused by a luck of internal support to your spine, you can’t always fix it with medication or surgery. When you do so, you are on borrowed time until the next problem comes along. Often caused by not dealing with the true cause of the previous problem.


It is without a doubt a cruel cycle, which causes lots of suffering and costs a lot of money.  Instead I offer you an alternative to truly solve the problems you may have with your back, posture, or any other internal issue with your immune system. In my teachings I invite you to evolve conceptually and grow a better understanding of the body mechanics. Learning to activate the connective tissues of the body isn’t hard. But it requires you to be present and willing in your body. It needs you to believe that it is possible to change, evolve and grow the connections between your body and mind, even if you’re over 60 years old. Eventually, you will need to truly believe that this evolving process really happened and your back or immune system, is now different as a result of it. You begin to change without the need to ever look back and try to recreate the old way you had before the problem began. Instead, you create a whole new and better way!


The awareness generated from this type of body work training, changes the relationship with your body. You will not be the same before and after training. Now that is something for you to discover about yourself. The part of you that is willing to give it a go, is your inner wisdom and mature consciousness. Please trust it, for it will lead you to great discoveries and amazing healings. Using the connective tissues in motion, leads to subtle understanding of change and balance in the body. Knowing how to use these meridians and learning how to create a centre point Dan-tian, is truly an art form. It is the art of balance and non-clashing. It is far removed from most people’s sense of their bodies. Therefore, it is impossible to explain with written words alone. It needs to be felt and shown to a person, then the knowing is instant, physical and beyond doubt. Whilst the belief and logic aspects, catch up later.


Most of the body’s problems are pressure related. Badly managed pressure, leads to many complications. These complications can be resolved when people learn how to better manage the pressure in their body. Many organs and systems in the body are part of the overall pressure system. However, your breath and intent have the biggest influence over your body and mind. They literally create and solve pressure issues all the time. Learning how to better use both breath and intent as physical attributes, is just the beginning not the final goal. Creating a powerful balanced body, which moves effortlessly and doesn’t fall ill is the goal. Even that can be undermined by the growing potential of so much more and more… I truly know and believe based on my own body, that this healing process is benevolent and can’t be intellectualised, without physically attain at least a bit of it.

I end with an invitation to you all to come to my beautiful studio to try it out for yourself.


Your first session is free, come try it out…


Amir Greenstein – Personal trainer, Tai Chi and Yoga teacher, Internal Power specialist, Body-psychotherapist, Masseuse and Healer.

Manager of Feeling the Healing – fitness for life.

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