The Mill Hill Studio

40 Hale Lane, NW7 3PR

Our weekly classes:

Yoga classes:

Monday morning at 09:30.

Monday evening at 20:00

Wednesday morning at 09:30

Wednesday evening at 20:00

Thursday evening at 20:00

Tai Chi Classes:

Tuesday evening at 20:00

Friday morning at 09:30

Meditation classes:

Tuesday morning at 11:00

Friday morning at 11:00


HITT and Meditation classes £10

Yoga, Meditation and Tai Chi classes £13

10% discount when you buy a 10 classes block.

New classes will be added to the schedule in the future. Please contact us and sign up to our Whats App group for schedule updates, current offers, seminars and workshops.

Call or text to: 07984543052

email to:

Personal and couple training:

We invite you to try out our amazing personal training programs. unlike the classes, the personal training sessions are personally tailored to the goals and needs of the individual.

We offer a fusion of: Core-strength, HIIT, kickboxing, TRX exercise, Yoga and Tai Chi. The general idea is to build up your fitness level, alongside correct body-mechanics and structural integrity.

To increase functionality and avoid injuries.

One to one personal training session 60 minutes - £50

90 minutes - £65

Couples personal training session 60 minutes - £60

90 minutes - £70

20% discount for your first 10 sessions. 

Our vision and focus:

At Feeling The Healing, we focus on the physical goals you have alongside the need all humans have to harmonise their body and their mind in order to be well. We are here to support you in your daily life, from exercise and body work, to body mind balance concepts that will help you look at life with a clearer view. We wish to form an empowering relationship with you, whereby we assist you in achieving the goals you set for yourself, in a fun and supportive environment. We endeavour to inspire you to become more physically balanced and healthy.

We create a personalised program of training suited to your exact needs.

We will be honoured to work with you and help guide you back to alignment, fitness, joy and fulfilment.


We use exercise as a platform to get physical, to shape the body, to become more present and centred in the body, to ground and refocus emotional energy through the body. We have powerful tools and inspiring training combinations, to help you stay onboard with your daily practice.