Holistic Fitness Studio

In today's fast paced world, people

are beginning to realize that

traditional fitness exercise is not

enough to sustain good health in

their busy live's. For health, fitness 

and wellbeing to be truly optimized

fitness exercise should include a 

body and mind balancing approach.

People today feel the need to take control over there well-being and life as a whole.

Thus, 'Feeling The Healing" came to

be. A welbeing and fitness studio

that uses the wise principles of Yin & Yang, Yoga and deep bodywork,

to create individually tailored personal training and wellbeing packages, as well as group classes.

Our aim is to support you in your physical goals and help you see clearly how to get there injury free.

We invite you to commit to making

a positive change in your life.

In a supportive environment, we encourage you to develop a daily practise, to achieve the results you want. Through our unique system of training and integrated approach to physical exercise, you will discover greater understanding and awareness of what it is to be fit and well.